November 23, 2021

Abacky was a healthy little boy and loved walking in the garden with his mother and walking with his big sisters to school. He had a normal and happy life until he was struck with hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a build-up of fluid around the brain and must be treated or can be life-threatening. At the age of 6, the disease had taken hold of little Abacky. The pressure of the fluid on his brain caused his head to swell to an enormous size and he sadly became bedridden. For You Haiti met Abacky and agreed that they would do anything they could to help him.

 One of the visits to Abacky’s house For You Haiti, A FYH Volunteer Shelby remembers meeting Abacky for the first time, “Although he was bedridden he had a huge smile on his face and sang a song for us. His small voice carried through the small house as he sang the words, ‘God you are faithful, you will always be there. In whatever situation I’m in. I will always believe in you and I know you will act.’ “ 

Despite all odds, miracles started to unfold for Abacky. Months went by as For You Haiti searched for a surgeon that would be able to operate on Abacky. For You Haiti never lost hope and at last, the surgery was scheduled. Abacky was in a very fragile condition and could not manage the 4-hour boat ride to Port au Prince. For You Haiti coordinated with the UN and had a chartered helicopter pick up Abacky and take him to his surgery. When asked what Abacky was most looking forward to after surgery he responded by saying “all I want to do is walk with my mother in the garden.” 

For you Haiti volunteer, Bourdeau, went with Abacky and his mother to the hospital to help them prepare and to hold his mother’s hand while he was being operated on. The surgery was a success and Abacky went to live at the For You Haiti guest house as he recovered. For You Haiti’s founder, Alana Kaye, reminisces on seeing Abacky for the first time after his surgery. He yelled out “Alana I am finished with surgery! Can I go back to school already?”

 Abacky has been an inspiration to everyone who has met him. Miraculously he has already taken his first steps since his surgery and has been able to walk in the garden with his mother again.

 Every day hundreds of Haitian children go without the necessary medical attention due to lack of services available and because they are unable to afford the cost of care. For you Haiti was grateful that they were able to step in and help Abacky before it was too late. For You Haiti has witnessed many medical miracles like this one and it is all made possible by donations and assistance from our compassionate and caring donors.

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