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$500 PROVIDES LIFE-CHANGING opportunities to many students in need

Support Our School- Creating Future Leaders

In Haiti, education is not free. And with school attendance amongst the lowest in the Western Hemisphere, there’s room for major improvement. For You Haiti aims to provide schooling to as many Haitian children as possible each year through scholarships. We are the only inclusion school on the island of la Gonave and we have wheelchair ramps, disabled toilets and special needs teachers to cater to our students with disabilities.
Families from La Gonâve live in extreme poverty and the majority cannot afford to educate their child – but that’s where you can help. It’s difficult to put a price on education and the role it plays in a child’s future, but for a one-off donation of $500 USD it will provide the funding our school needs to keep its doors open. Your donation will help fund our teacher’s salaries, school supplies, nursing staff for our children with special needs, along with scholarships and uniforms for children who cannot afford them. Our Education program helps empower our Haitian Leadership team to carefully select children for scholarships who are in the most need.
We cannot thank you enough for your life changing contribution to our school and we can’t wait to see the next generation of children become future leaders!

Support Our Local Team & Patients During Haiti's Crisis