June 2024 | Stories from the Field

June 24, 2024

STORIES FROM THE FIELD FROM JUNE: Stories from Jony Pierre- For You Haiti’s Patient Coordinator! 


Love and learning go hand in hand! 


Biane Merensaint Chouznaïca was born in La Gonave on July 20, 2009, with Down syndrome. She began attending school at Saint Bernadette when she was 3 years old, starting from kindergarten up to first grade. However, she faced challenges and repeated first-grade multiple times. As a result, her parents made the difficult decision to discontinue her schooling since she wasn’t making progress.

When her parents learned about our specialized classroom for children with special needs, they enrolled her. Biane thoroughly enjoys interacting with her classmates and has a particular passion for drawing and writing.

Since joining For You Haiti’s classroom, Biane’s parents have noticed significant improvements:

“I have noticed that Biane receives a lot of attention at school. She is learning a great deal from her wonderful teachers and is communicating more clearly than before. She can express her feelings more effectively now. I am truly grateful for that,” says Biane’s mother.

Your continued support allows children like Biane to thrive and achieve their potential. Thank you for making a difference in Biane’s life. 


Staff Spotlight- Ada Neilson. 


Ada Neilson, our Medical Director, is from Australia and works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every patient who undergoes surgery or receives medical treatment featured on our social media pages and website is cared for. Since day one she has dedicated herself day and night to ensuring no patient is forgotten and that they receive the medical care they need.

Without Ada, For You Haiti would not be what it is today. Despite the ongoing crisis in Haiti, marked by violence and insecurity, Ada fearlessly risks her life to visit patients and support our local team in person. She has traveled extensively across La Gonave, driving through remote areas to reach patients who live in the countryside. Ada is for sure one of my heroes and she is a gift to all patients that have been through our medical program!  


Passport in hand and in need of a miracle! 

Dawens Billus is an 11-year-old boy from Anse-à-Galets. He was born healthy, but at the age of 6, a seemingly minor issue changed his life forever. His mother discovered a mass in his neck, which rapidly grew over the following months. Seeking medical assistance, they initially visited a local clinic but were soon referred to Pierre Payen Hospital on the mainland for surgical intervention. The initial surgery appeared successful, but a year later, Dawens experienced a relapse with another mass developing near his ear.

Facing desperation, Dawens’ mother turned to our FYH clinic for help. We arranged for him to undergo a second surgery on the mainland, where a biopsy revealed he suffers from Neurofibromatosis. Despite this second intervention, Dawens experienced another relapse, and local surgeons advised that further treatment options in Haiti were exhausted.

Currently, Dawens requires bi-weekly dressings at FYH’s clinic as the mass has begun to bleed. Throughout this challenging journey, Dawens continues to display remarkable strength and resilience, always maintaining a smile. We have initiated the process for his passport and are preparing for overseas travel, praying for a miracle to save his life.

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