Empowering communities one child at a time

Our Programs

For You Haiti relies solely upon the generosity of your donations. Each of our programs addresses the inherent issues facing children living in extreme poverty in La Gonâve Haiti: hunger, education, medical care, and family support.

Giving now can empower a community and create lasting change.

Please give generously and together we can transform the lives of these beautiful children and families! 

Sponsor A Child

$100 USD/Month
For You Haiti’s Child Sponsorship Program focusses on families living in La Gonâve, Haiti, that have a child with a special need and/ or an ongoing medical condition. Children in Haiti with special needs are at a high risk of abandonment. FYH advocates for family preservation through our child sponsorship program, allowing the families to receive the necessary medical care and support they need to thrive. The program provides direct support to your sponsored family consisting of 24 hour a day medical care and clean water. Each month, our For You Haiti medical team meets with your sponsored child to check on the child’s health and overall wellbeing.

Sponsor An Education

$300 USD provides one scholarship for a local student for an entire year.
Math and reading literacy on the island of La Gonave is approximately 40%. FYH is working toward increasing the accessibility of education. It’s difficult to put a price on education and the role it plays in a child’s future, but for a donation of $300 USD, a child in La Gonâve will have the opportunity to attend our island school. We cannot thank you enough for your life changing contribution!

Medical Sponsorship

$1500 provides a patient with life changing surgery.
Your contribution will provide life-changing surgeries for children from la Gonave, Haiti. Most of our patients must travel several hours for surgeries and follow up care. In addition to assistance with medications, your donation includes transportation to and from all medical appointments, accommodations during their medical journey, and patient advocacy. For You Haiti serves over 2000 patients per year and has completed over 500 surgeries through your support! Our medical program is absolutely life transforming and 100% of you donation is used to improve the health of children across la Gonave.

Didn’t see a way you could help

Please reach out to us and let us know what you have in mind