Supporting the People of La Gonâve Island, Haiti

Empowering communities one child at a time

Our Programs

For You Haiti relies solely upon the generosity of your donations. Each of our programs addresses the inherent issues facing children living in extreme poverty in La Gonâve Haiti: hunger, education, medical care, and family support.

Giving now can empower a community and create lasting change.

Please give generously and together we can transform the lives of these beautiful children and families! 

Supported Programs

Sponsor A Child

$100 USD/Month

For You Haiti’s Child Sponsorship Program focusses on children living in La Gonâve, Haiti, with families that have no annual income. The program provides direct support consisting of food, water, milk, bedding, education and medical assistance on a monthly basis. Each month, our For You Haiti team meets with a parent or carer of each child to provide an update on the child's health and overall wellbeing. We also offer assistance and coaching to the parents of our sponsor children on how to start a small business within their community. Your monthly donation is not a hand out for these families, but rather an investment in their future, allowing families to make long-term decisions that benefit, not only your sponsor child, but their family and the community around them. By joining together as a community, our aim is to alleviate poverty in the region and create a healthy, prosperous and sustainable environment for children and their families to live.

Sponsor An Education

$300 USD sponsors one child’s education for an entire year
In Haiti, education is not free. And with school attendance amongst the lowest in the Western Hemisphere, there’s room for major improvement. For You Haiti aims to provide schooling to as many Haitian children as possible each year. Families from La Gonâve live in extreme poverty and can not afford food, let alone educate their child - that’s where you can help. It’s difficult to put a price on education and the role it plays in a child’s future, but for a one off donation of $300 USD, a child in La Gonâve will have the opportunity to attend school at Complexe Scolaire Amis des Enfants for one year. It’s an opportunity most children in Haiti can only dream of, but with your help, dreams can come true. We can not thank you enough for your life changing contribution!

Medical Sponsorship

$200 replenishes Medical Cabinet
$800 provides a child with life changing surgery

Across Haiti, there are many children with serious medical conditions, especially in La Gonâve. Over the past 3 years, For You Haiti has developed strong working relationships with world-class medical facilities and practitioners in Haiti and abroad - including the USA, Australia and Germany. With their cooperation, we have facilitated dozens of medical procedures, from common dentistry, prosthetics and major life-saving surgeries.

Your contribution will go to support our generous doctors, nurses and hospitals, as well as to provide medication, transport, accommodation, and ongoing medical supplies. With donations from people like you, we can continue to facilitate life- saving medical appointments and surgeries for seriously sick kids. 100% of you donation is used to improve the health of children in Haiti.

A Little Love

For our most passionate donors that wish to support FYH's operation.

Your donation to A Little Love allows us to allocate funds to our most urgent priorities as well as supporting our overall operations. The generous gift will be distributed to one of our four programs or to support our operational team on La Gonâve. A Little Love goes a long way. Try it!

Hungry Tummies

$100 provides 400 meals | $1000 provides 4000 meals

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Hungry Tummies is a simple program that aims to put food in the bellies of hungry children as they arrive at school. Not only does this program encourage children to attend school, but for some, this meal might be the only food they receive that day.

Didn’t see a way you could help

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