Medical Project

$200 replenishes our Medical Cabinet
| $800 provides a child with life changing surgery

Medical Sponsorship - Saves lifes

Healthcare is extremely limited on La Gonâve. Any surgeries or serious medical conditions require travel to Port-au-Prince, and the hospital and doctor fees are unaffordable. There is one small hospital and just a few clinics on La Gonâve. Less serious medical problems often become life threatening due to a lack of medicine or medical professionals. 

Malnutrition and childbearing complications continue to plague the island, simply because there are no healthcare programs. Over the past few years, For You Haiti has developed strong working relationships with world-class medical facilities and practitioners in Haiti and abroad. With their cooperation, we facilitate medical procedures, from common dental work to prosthetic limbs, brain surgery, heart surgery and complicated orthopaedic cases. In some cases, the surgery costs are discounted thanks to the generosity of our doctors, nurses and hospitals. However, medications, transport, accommodation and on-going medical supplies are often not. With donations from people like you, we can continue to facilitate life-saving medical appointments and surgeries for seriously sick kids. 100% of your donation is used to improve the health of children on La Gonâve.