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January 31, 2024

Stories From The Field | January 2024

STORIES FROM THE FIELD: Stories from Jony Pierre – For You Haiti’s Medical Coordinator      AN OUTSTANDING HUMAN!  Chery Marie Goergie was born in Petit…
January 11, 2024

2023 Impact Report

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November 21, 2023

Without Power, Water, or Air, For You Haiti’s Team Ensures 199 Healthy Births Against All Odds

In a land devoid of prenatal care and burdened by staggering costs, La Gonave witnessed the dire consequences— avoidable birth deformations, premature delive…
November 21, 2023

Dr. Junior crosses a stormy sea and gang territory to care for gunshot victim

Read on for an incredible story about Doctor Junior, our dedicated full-time physician.   In a critical situation involving a teenager shot accidentally…
October 25, 2023

Stories From The Field | October 2023

STORIES FROM THE FIELD: Stories from our beloved Doctor Berly:   PO HAS SAFELY ARRIVED IN BARCELONA! Po has successfully arrived! After meticulous pl…
September 25, 2023

Straightening His Path!

In 2022, Elien Jay Bermenslee visited our medical clinic on La Gonave due to his bowed legs. After consulting with an orthopedic surgeon, it was recommended …
September 25, 2023

On-going Care for Anne Chloe

Anne Chloe, a bright young girl, resides in a remote area on La Gonave. In May 2023, she traveled with other FYH orthopedic patients to Adventist Hospital fo…
September 25, 2023

Heart Surgeries in Dallas, TX

“Health” is a word that holds immense significance, especially here in Haiti, due to the numerous deficiencies in our healthcare system. Not everyone has acc…
August 22, 2023

AUGUST 2023 | Stories From The Field

STAFF SPOTLIGHT! : Bennissoit Bennissoit Sainval, known as Ben by everyone, serves as the Education Program Coordinator at For You Haiti. He is a devoted and…
August 22, 2023

Celebrating the Remarkable Generosity of Our Donors: Empowerment through Fundraisers for For You Haiti

In a world that often seems to focus on the negatives, it’s heartening to witness the overwhelming kindness and generosity of individuals who step up to make…
July 27, 2023

JULY 2023 | Stories From The Field

Elien jay Bermenslee   Elien visited the FYH clinic on LG in 2022 for bowed legs. He was advised by an orthopedist to wait for a further year before surg…
June 12, 2023

Chideley, the Future Soccer Star

Chideley is a five-year-old little boy. He was born in Cabaret, a city in the western department of Haiti. He was one year old when he started to walk, run a…