About Us

For You Haiti exists to assist, uplift and enrich the lives of the people living on la Gonâve.

Our Mission

Established in 2016, For You Haiti is a not-for-profit relief organisation developed to serve, love and support the people of Haiti, in particular, the forgotten island of la Gonâve. Although our main focus is the children, we strive to provide medical, educational and family assistance to anyone in need.

About la Gonâve
La Gonâve is a small island off the west coast of Haiti - one of the poorest nations on Earth. After the devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 struck Haiti, killing more than 160,000 and displacing close to 1.5 million people, (the real numbers we sadly may never know) the country has struggled to prosper. While many governments and organisations worldwide have provided Haiti with much needed support, the island of la Gonâve has largely been forgotten.
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During the French-colonialism in the late 1700s, runaway slaves sought refuge on the island having escaped their owners - a safe-haven, cut off from the mainland. To date, la Gonâve remains isolated, meaning food and clean water are scarce. The island itself is largely made up of limestone, meaning the dry, barren soil has long prevented any agriculture development. Less than 5% of the households have power at night, as solar is an absolute luxury. Roads and infrastructure are poorly built and sewerage systems were never considered, leaving la Gonâve severely disadvantaged. The poverty is overwhelming. Unemployment levels are extremely high meaning few families have enough money to feed, house, medicate and educate themselves and their children.

​Despite the debilitating conditions on the island, Gonâvians are wonderfully vibrant, generous, strong and kind people - forever grateful for the support they receive.

Authentic Tradition