Driving Hope

Join us today and bring hope to the community in La Gonave,Haiti

Driving Hope is about making a child’s Christmas brighter this year and here at For You Haiti

We have a goal of doubling our support to over 100 of our families in 2021 by delivering more medicine, food, and life-saving resources around the island.

Specifically, we need to ensure that we can reach and serve our families in need year-round, and to do that, we need to buy one additional off-road vehicle in 2021. The extremely rough terrain in La Gonâve makes reaching at-risk communities, and patients a daily challenge. With the right transportation, we are able to provide healthcare to remote areas, provide follow-up care to patients, give women small business mentorship and support, and deliver food and clean water to families in crisis all over the island.

100 mattresses for 100 children

One of the ways we were able to use our transportation to drive hope in 2020 was by delivering mattresses to the most vulnerable children. These kids come from dire living situations.  Whether they sleep on dirt floors, live with life-threatening illnesses, or struggle to access clean drinking water daily. We wanted these kids to know that they are loved.

So thank you our FYH community, for your generosity, and for being a part of making a child’s holiday season brighter this year.

It’s about impact, love, and enriching lives.

These aren’t passive donations. Your generous gift brings hope and life change. Here’s what you can expect when you give.


With our off-road vehicle, we are able to provide emergency assistance in the form of nutritional aid and food security, medical support, and assistance to sponsored children. For You Haiti provides a lifeline to families with no other options for assistance, providing them comfort and aid in their times of crisis.


For You Haiti helps families develop a plan for lifting their households out of poverty and putting them on a path to sustainability. Our programs include hands-on small business plan development, microloans, and in-person business coaching.

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