"One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world"

- Malala Yousafzai

There is almost no government funding on La Gonâve for public education. Because of this, education is a luxury that most families cannot afford. For You Haiti has established a school on the island to address the urgent educational needs of the children.  More importantly, the school functions as a vital and significant part of the community. Just $300 USD pays the educational fees for one student per year. In addition to providing scholarships and sponsorships for those families unable to pay, For You Haiti subsidises the amounts other families can pay. It is important to us that families are invested in their children’s education, so that in the long term the school remains successful and the community as a whole is invested in the future. This school, located in Anse a Galets, the most populated area on La Gonâve, currently has 400 students, 9 classrooms, a playground, filtered water, flushable toilets, a daily lunch program, security guards and a full-time nurse. After school, the older children are welcome to study and receive assistance with their homework in a safe and supervised atmosphere. The school also serves as a Professional Learning Centre in the afternoons and evenings, where teenagers and young adults can learn a trade. The information taught includes entrepreneurial skills, computer familiarity, nursing, permaculture, hairdressing, electrical and plumbing know-how, and English and Spanish language proficiency. It is our hope that the school not only educates the youth of La Gonâve, but provides them with the tools they need to live productive and successful lives, which in turn will further strengthen this island community.

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