Sponsor a Child

$100 / month will help a child, a family and a community to thrive.

Sponsor A Child – Change A Life

For You Haiti’s Child Sponsorship Program focuses on children living in La Gonâve, Haiti, with families that have little to no annual income. The program provides direct support which may include items such as: food, diapers, water, milk, bedding, education and medical assistance on a monthly basis. Each month, our For You Haiti team meets with a parent or carer of each child to evaluate the child’s health and overall wellbeing. We also offer assistance and coaching to the parents of our sponsor children on how to start a small business within their community.  Your monthly donation is not a hand out for these families, but rather an investment in their future, allowing families to make long-term decisions that benefit, not only your sponsor child, but their family and the community around them. By joining together as a community, our aim is to alleviate poverty in the region and create a healthy, prosperous and sustainable environment for children and their families to live. 


Support Our Local Team & Patients During Haiti's Crisis