For You Haiti’s Child Sponsorship Program focusses on children living in la Gonâve, Haiti, with families that have no annual income. The program provides direct support consisting of food and supplies on a monthly basis. Each month, our For You Haiti team meets with a parent or carer of each child to provide an update on the child's health and overall wellbeing. We also offer assistance and coaching to the parents of our sponsor children on how to start a small business within their community.  Your monthly donation is not a hand out for these families, but rather an investment in their future, allowing families to make long-term decisions that benefit, not only your sponsor child, but their family and the community around them. By joining together as a community, our aim is to alleviate poverty in the region and create a healthy, prosperous and sustainable environment for children and their families to live. 

LEO - 13 years old

Leo is 13 years old and when we met him, he had a huge growth on the back of his head. His tumor has now been removed by For You Haiti. Leo is an orphan and lives in a house For You Haiti is renting. Leo had never been to school and doesn’t know how to read or write, however, he's now being tutored in a classroom at CSAE (Hungry Tummies) school in la Gonave. 

JA - 7 years old

Ja is 6 years old and can not walk. He crawls to get around or is carried by a family member. Ja is always playing in the dirt and making people laugh with his incredible sense of humor. Ja is inquisitive and attentive to people. He questions their motives and asks questions that are beyond his years. He is super cuddly. Our dream is to improve Ja’s health and see him walk and attend school in the near future.

NERLAND - 5 years old

Nerland is blind. Her mother left her when she was 3 months old in Haiti and moved to the Dominican Republic with her other children. When we met Nerland she was suffering immensely. She was terrified of everyone and wouldn’t talk. Nerland is now in school and has flourished beyond words. She laughs constantly. We have a teachers-aid that assists her two afternoons a week to fill her with love and care. 

FRANCESCA - 11 years old

Francesca is the daughter of Peterson, a paraplegic man that For You Haiti works with in Port au Prince. She is 11 years old and is attending school. Francesca has cared for her father since she was 6 years old. She is very smart and her dream is to become a doctor and bless others. Francesca greets everyone she meets with a kiss on the cheek and is the most well-mannered child you will ever meet. Most days, she can be found dancing around the village, listening to music with her best friend.

BARNS - 3 years old

Barns is 3 years old and is in a rural village in la Gonave Island. He lives with his Aunt and Grandmother. Barns has Treacher Collins Syndrome and is deaf. He now wears a Cochlear hearing aid, donated by Look At Us Alliance and is learning to talk and listen to the sounds around him. He carries a little mini radio around with him and loves to eat sultanas. Barns enjoys dancing and sitting on his Grandma's lap.  

GEMINA - 10 years old

Gemina is a gorgeous 10 year old girl who lives with her mother, father, brother and sister. She is very intelligent, fun and extremely caring with her siblings and neighbours. Gemi is normally running around with no clothes on, but dons a prom-like dress when visitors arrive to see her or her family. 

SHALENSKY - 6 years old

Shalensky can only walk when leaning against something. He has a walker and a wheelchair. Despite his enormous physical challenges, he always has a huge smile on his face - a happy boy indeed. His mother works at the local Supermarket , while Shalensky and his Grandmother live in the country. He is cheerful, adorable and always giggling. His nickname is Kiki.

SAELLE- 3 years old

Saelle is a gorgeous, sweet girl who lives in the village of Anse a Galets. She is currently attending our school and is our youngest student. She is so tiny! Saelle’s brother, Junior, is also in our child sponsorship program.

LOVENA - 9 years old

Beautiful Lovena was in a terrible motorbike accident a few years ago, causing her a brain injury. She's now enrolled in school and with the help of her teachers, she's making amazing progress. We are so proud of this gorgeous girl.   

MORIDENSKY - 6 years old

Mori is a beautiful little soul with a contagious smile. Unable to walk from a young age, he now is supported by a walking frame and is doing well. His family are ever so grateful for his sponsorship and extremely supportive of his care.

DARMALIE - 1 year old

Darmalie is precious baby girl who lives with her family in a mountainous region on la Gonâve. She's a delightfully happy baby, adored by her doting young parents. Darmalie had surgery through For You Haiti’s Medical Program at just 9 weeks old. She has healed well.

BENAJA - 4 years old

Benaja is a cheeky one - a gorgeous little boy who lives with his family on the hill in Anse a Galets. When visitors arrive at his house, Benaja can be seen running full speed down the hill to greet them. He is part of For You Haiti's Medical program and has shown enormous strength for such a little fellow throughout his treatment. With two older sisters to look after him, Benaja comes from a wonderful and loving family.

LOVE~THEIRRE DANA - 9 years old

Love-theirre Dana is the older sister of Lounesha.  She lives in the fishing village of la Gonâve with her family.  Unfortunately, Love-theirre has never had the opportunity to attend school, meaning she doesn’t know how to read or write. She loves looking after her baby sister and playing with her friends and is ever so grateful to be part of the Child Sponsorship program.   


Maanah is a little performer. She loves putting on dance shows and singing for others. She is so kind hearted and has a beautiful spirit that shines bright. Extremely mature for her age, she loves helping the younger children. An overall sweetheart.


Marisa is an adorable and well-mannered girl from Anse a Galets. She is quiet, but with a strong presence. Marisa and her family live on the same street as our school and run a beautiful little Church on the island.

MAELLE - 5 years old

Maelle attends Complexe Scolaire Amis des Enfants School. She is a fabulous helper around the classroom and loves when a camera is around. With her hair always immaculately braided with ribbons, Maelle is adored by her classmates and teachers and can often be found munching on her favourite treat, 'chiclets' (chewing gum)!

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LOUNESHA - 2 years old

Baby Lou is 2 years old. She is blind and has brain damage. Her family live by the sea in la Gonave and are a well respected family in the community. Her mother has 7 other children and she tries to sell fish to other villagers to make a living. Lounesha is the most placid baby and always looks so peaceful and calm in her stroller. We aim to make Lou’s life as comfortable and lovely as possible. She is the joy of la Gonave.

DUDE MUNAR – 9 years old

Dude Munar is 9 years old. She has a huge heart for people and just had two teeth removed after an ongoing huge abscess in her mouth. She attends school, loves her kittens and playing with the neighbours. Dude Munar is such a kind hearted child with a wonderful sense of humour and laughs hysterically when the kittens do something that she finds funny.

JEAN WOOBY - 7 years old

Jean Wobby is Ja’s twin brother. He has no problem walking and is an active, crazy 7 year old who loves playing with toy cars. He has the cheekiest smile and adores meeting new people. Both Ja and Jean Wobby now have beds, after previously sleeping on a concrete floor. They live with their mother and grandmother and no one in their family is employed.

RACHELLE - 6 years old

Rachelle is Gemina’s younger sister. She just had a hernia removed at the local hospital with a visiting surgeon. Rachelle is sweet as pie, enjoys listening to music and riding her brother’s razor scooter. She is super cuddly, giggly and blesses everyone she meets with her smile and kind nature. To reach their school they walk over the steep hill, morning and night.

EDIANA DESTIN - 5 yrs old

Ediana is Nerland’s cousin, they are now attending school together. She is always wearing brightly coloured clothes and looks out for Nerland whenever and wherever she can. Ediana is a kind-hearted, lovable girl, who enjoys playing with her younger brother. Her mother is unemployed, but is well known in the community for trying to sell small items.

ANGELICA – 3 years old

Angelica was introduced to us suffering from a fungal infection covering her face. We were able to treat her condition at the local hospital. In recovery, For You Haiti  were able to support Angelica through school, however, her Mother is currently unemployed and struggles to cope financially from month to month. Angelica loves to be carried home from school each and lives next door to baby Peter.

VERLINDA - 6 Months old

Verlinda is a precious baby girl who lives with her Mom and Dad in a local village. Both parents are unemployed and Verlinda has been diagnosed with Spina bifida. For You Haiti is currently providing medical care for her condition. Verlinda’s parents are very loving and caring of their baby girl. 

WOLDINE - 4 years old

Woldine is a true blessing to others. Of her own accord, Woldine likes to help our vision-impaired student, Nerland move around the school. She also helps her to eat and play with the other children. When Woldine meets new visitors, she likes to touch their eyelashes and dust the dirt from their clothes. Her eyes are sweet and her smile is so beautiful. Woldine’s mother is unemployed.

QUATRAINA- 2 years old

Precious Quatraina is suffering severely from malnutrition. We are so glad she has joined our program. When she first came to For You Haiti, her condition was critical and we immediately sent her to hospital. Thankfully, she now lives in the countryside with her Mom, recovering slowly with the help of 2 sachets of Plumpy’Nut per day (a nutritious paste with lots of nutrients). We check-in with her family weekly to ensure her health is improving.

JUNIOR- 4 years old

Junior is one of the ‘class comedians’ at his school. He has a big personality and loves spending time with others. He is helpful to other children and is very confident with new people. Most importantly, he is very good at looking after his little sister, Saelle, who is also in our child sponsorship program.

OUNIA AND LOUNIA - 5 years old twins

Ounia and Lounia Thermeus are twins. They were raised by their father, who sadly passed away in 2015.  They are now cared for by their grandmother. Complexe Scolaire Amis des Enfants School kindly provide education for the girls in memory of their dad. They enjoy school and love dancing.

CATHY - 10 years old

After a bad fall as an infant, resulting in severe back injury, Cathy was introduced to For You Haiti for treatment. She currently lives with her Mom in Anse a Galets and attends a school nearby. Despite constant back pain, Cathy never complains and always smiling!

JWENSLY - 7 years old

Jwensly and is family live in a very isolated area on la Gonâve. He loves his sisters and brother. Jwensly has been sponsored since he was 3 years old. Jwensly has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He loves blowing bubbles and receiving visitors!

LAUVIN KERRY - 6 years old

Lauvin Kerry lives in a rural village of la Gonâve. Adored by his family, this brave little man has struggled through surgery for his bent leg and is now doing well. He is currently sponsored by a church in Australia.

MAX - 4 years old