Established in 2015, For You Haiti is a not-for-profit relief organisation developed to serve, love and support the people of Haiti, in particular, the forgotten island of la Gonâve. Although our main focus is the children, we strive to provide medical, educational and family assistance to anyone in need. 


Our Sponsor A Child program provides the basic necessities to each sponsor child's life - nutrition, clean drinking water, medical assistance, education and a monthly mentorship program for starting a small business in Haiti.

You can donate directly to our Sponsor A Child program here.


For You Haiti provides major life-saving surgeries to the children of la Gonave. You can donate directly to our Medical Sponsorship program here.


Education is key to Haiti's future. Our school, Complexe Scolaire Amis des Enfants provides a wonderful environment for children to learn. We are centrally located in the main town, Anse a Galets, making it easily accessible to many families. For You Haiti also runs the 'Hungry Tummies Project' daily, which is a simple program that aims to put food in the tummies of our hungry students as they arrive at school.  You can donate directly to our Hungry Tummies program here.


La Gonâve is a small island off the west coast of Haiti - one of the poorest nations on Earth. After the devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 struck Haiti, killing more than 160,000 and displacing close to 1.5 million people, the country has struggled to prosper. While many governments and organisations worldwide have provided Haiti with much needed support, the island of la Gonâve has largely been forgotten. 


During the French-colonialism in the late 1700s, runaway slaves sought refuge on the island having escaped their owners - a safe-haven, cut off from the mainland.  To date, la Govâve remains isolated, meaning food and clean water are scarce. The island itself is largely made up of limestone, meaning the dry, barren soil has long prevented any agriculture development. Only 5 -10% of the households have electricity, roads and infrastructure are poorly built and sewerage systems were never considered, leaving la Gonâve severely disadvantaged. The poverty is overwhelming. Unemployment levels are extremely high meaning few families have enough money to feed, house, medicate and educate themselves and their children. 

Despite the debilitating conditions on the island, Gonâvians are wonderfully vibrant, generous, strong and kind people - forever grateful for the support they receive.




Sydney, Australia

From Sydney, Australia, Alana Kaye has dedicated much of her life to those less fortunate. Her Humanitarian studies at Charles Darwin University in Australia and Harvard University in the United States, have fueled her passion for helping others in need. With extensive volunteer work and travel through Africa, Central America and India, Alana is now focused on caring for the beautiful children in la Gonâve, with the help of her amazing support network at For You Haiti. As the Founder of For You Haiti, Alana travels continually between Haiti, America, Australia, and The Bahamas, securing project funding and improving operations.


la Gonâve, Haiti

Born in la Gonâve, Samuel has spent most of his life living and working on the island of la Gonâve with underprivileged children. He is the President of For You Haiti in Haiti and that of Complexe Scolaire Amis des Enfants - one of la Gonâve's primary schools, where our 'Hungry Tummies Project' operates. Samuel is our man on the ground and works day and night to make all operations run as smoothly. His love for the people of Haiti is enormous and he strives everyday to improve their quality of life. His local knowledge and linguistics are second to none and are an integral part of the work we're able to achieve. Without his persistence, professionalism and passion, For You Haiti simply couldn’t operate. 


Sydney, Australia

Cheyenne became an Ambassador and spokesperson for For You Haiti and La Gonâve in 2015. Her dedication to our education and medical programs has changed the lives of countless children on the island. Cheyenne is a mother of one little girl and they reside in Sydney, Australia. She hopes to see all children treated as equals, no matter their birth country and to create a path of self-sustainability for these families. In 2017 Cheyenne expanded our school with 3 more classrooms, a sick bay and a toilet block. In 2018, Cheyenne acquired additional land on behalf of For You Haiti, so that we could expand our school even further.  Cheyenne’s selflessness and huge heart for Haiti inspires us everyday. We are so grateful to have her as a member of our team. 


Cairns, Australia

Ada and her husband Christopher are tirelessly devoted to helping those in need around the globe. Ada became heavily involved in la Gonâve, Haiti in early 2015. Since then, she has organised dozens of life changing surgeries and medical procedures for children across la Gonâve. Ada is unstoppable and the joy, love and perseverance that she brings to all of us is at the heart of our work everyday. Her guidance through our medical programs provides the stability and experience needed for our success. It's an honour and a blessing to have her as part of our team.


la Govâve, Haiti

Growing up in Dentgrien, a small village on La Gonâve, Jony Pierre knows the hardships facing his community all too well. At just 16, Jony damaged his left arm in an accident and with limited medical attention, his arm was later amputated. In 2016, For You Haiti was able to fund and supply Jony with a 3D printed prosthetic arm through the International Medical system in Germany. Jony is currently studying a degree in accounting at Port au Prince. Not only is Jony an ongoing inspiration to his community but also to our organisation.


Malvern, Pennsylvania

After three trips to La Gonave with For You Haiti in 2018, Mark joined the team as a Board Member and Ambassador in 2019. He shares the vision of La Gonave to be a healthy and vibrant community, and he serves as an advocate to share For You Haiti’s efforts with donors and sponsors. He brings experience in financial and business management, with over 25 years of work in the investment management field in the United States. 


Malvern, Pennsylvania 

Kristy joined the For You Haiti team in 2018 and works with our donors around the world to maintain connections with sponsored children on La Gonave.  She is in regular communication with the team in La Gonave to prioritize and coordinate sponsorships with new donors. Kristy visits the island on a regular basis. Her passion in helping the children of La Gonave stem from her beliefs that every child deserves the basic health care, nutrition and education to realize their potential.  She looks forward to seeing this beautiful community becoming all it can be. 


la Gonâve, Haiti

Turguens is a dedicated and caring team member, managing the day-today operations for our child sponsorship program. He has high hopes for the children of la Gonâve and has a passion for helping others. Fluent in French, Creole and English, Terguens is the perfect liaison for the broader For You Haiti team. He is married, with one Son, Ted, and in his spare time, enjoys an energetic game of football and reading a good book.



Port au Prince, Haiti

Bourdeau Metelus assists in the coordination of For You Haitis medical programs, transporting children between la Gonave and Port au Prince for surgeries and appointments. Bourdeau learned English at the Haitiano American Institute and is currently a law student. He has three gorgeous children of his own and is a powerful leader in his community. Having lived through the 2010 earthquake he is determined to see a better future for his country.  Bourdeau’s expertise and knowledge of the roads in Haiti is a crucial part of our efficiency and safety when travelling in-country. He is a incredible asset to our organisation.


la Gonâve, Haiti

Growing up in la Gonâve, Yliamene now has 3 gorgeous children. Her husband, Brunel, is a carpenter and often travels for work. Yliamene is the Manager of For You Haiti’s 'Hungry Tummies Project' - our nutritional program for school children at Complexe Scolaire Amis des Enfants. She coordinates and oversees the complex sourcing and supply of food to the project. Yliamene has a beautiful heart and big dreams for la Gonâve and we are so thrilled that we can help her achieve her dreams, through feeding so many children in her home country. 



Sydney, Australia

Born in Sydney - Australia, Luke joined For You Haiti after travelling to la Gonâve in 2015. With over 12 years experience in film and television, working with some of Australia's most respected people and programmes, Luke brings a huge level of experience to For You Haiti's media and communications team. With a particular interest in foreign affairs, Luke has worked and travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas, developing an appreciation for the enormous level of need across the globe. His leadership and skill set have contributed greatly to the development and growth of For You Haiti as a organisation.


la Gonâve, Haiti 

Ganette was born in Palma, la Gonâve and has spent most of her life living on the island. She is working at Complexe Scolaire Amis des Enfants School - one of la Gonâve's primary schools, where our 'Hungry Tummies Project' operates. Ganette is our nurse on the ground for our sponsored children and their families, but also works to make all projects run as smoothly as possible for the team. Ganette has a passion for helping others, particularly children and brings many years of experience and medical knowledge to our team.  She speaks Creole and French fluently and is married with two beautiful daughters.


Sydney, Australia

With an extensive career in architecture, building and engineering, Larry brings a broad range of skills and expertise to our organisation. Director of his own architectural firm for the past 15 years, Larry took on the role as For You Haiti’s Chairman in early 2016. He traveled to Haiti in 2016 to visit our projects and gain a greater understanding of the need across the country, specifically in the areas of which his skill set may benefit.  While in Haiti Larry was able to meet with each child connected with our Medical Sponsorship Program and witnessed the impact of For You Haiti’s projects first-hand. Larry’s focus is now on the development of current and future programs, ensuring a profound and positive impact on the communities of la Gonâve. In his spare time you'll find Larry at the beach, on the water or travelling the world. 

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la Gonâve, Haiti

Nesly is 31 years old and was born in la Gonâve where he grew up with his sisters in the main town, Anse a Galets. Nesly enjoys singing, hip hop dancing, driving his motorbike and being on social media. Nesly was working as a taxi driver before he worked at FYH. He has big dreams for his community and wants to become a community leader. Nesly enjoys meeting with people and showing people from outside of Haiti ways to help children in his community living in poverty. Nesly has a very special heart and loves working with kids.


la Gonâve, Haiti

Goergie is 22 years old and is from Anse a Galets, Haiti. She was working as the secretary at the Paramedical Institute before she started her role at For You Haiti. Goergie has always dreamt to work with her community and to help others! She has such a warm personality and makes our new patients and their families feel at ease! She is also studying hairdressing while working full time and hopes to one day travel the world! Goergie is based in our Haiti office in Anse a Galets and takes care of all of For You Haiti’s admin tasks.


la Gonâve, Haiti

Launa is 33 years old from the village of Mare- sucrin, now living in Anse a Galets with her child. Before joining For You Haiti full time, cooking and coordinating the ‘Hungry Tummies Project, Launa worked in a small cosmetic store in la Gonâve


la Gonâve, Haiti

Originally from Mare Sucruin, Carmy is a handy man to have around. He knows his Island home back to front and can facilitate just about anything for our visiting team members. Fluent in French, Creole and English and able to drive our car, motorbike and quadbike, Carmy is invaluable to our day-to-day operations in la Gonâve. His dream is to one day be an engineer and to see a prosperous future for his Island home, la Gonâve.


la Gonâve

Jean Fils is 38 years old and was born in la Gonâve. He has 4 beautiful children who are all with him in La Gonave. Before he was working at FYH he used to work at the city hall as security. Jean Fils has a dream to see La Gonave transformed for the better. He dreams of seeing the people from his village have access to basics like food, water and health care. He hopes that through his work at FYH he can see that change happen in his lifetime. Jean Fils joined our team in early 2019. 


la Gonâve, Haiti

There is no greater responsibility than keeping our children safe. Wilner does exactly that, helping our kids cross the road morning and afternoon at our school. He has 10 children of his own and hopes to help create more opportunities for employment on la Gonâve. In his spare time, Wilner enjoys painting.


West Chester, Pennsylvania

Charlie attended Temple University in Philadelphia and obtained his Bachelor of the Arts as an Advertising major and Studio Arts minor. While Charlie works professionally as an illustrator and designer, he is thrilled to play any role he is needed for at For You Haiti. Charlie is a firm believer that art has the ability to change the world for the better, and hopes to do just that as he continues his career.

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