For You Haiti is a not-for-profit organization developed to serve, love and support the people of Haiti. In particular, the forgotten island of La Gonâve. Although our main focus is the children, we strive to provide medical, educational and family assistance to anyone in need. 

For You Haiti was officially established in 2015, however was operational in various capacities over the past five years.  It all began in 2008 when For You Haiti's Founder, Alana Kaye was traveling through India. Amoung the swarming streets of Delhi, a young boy, no older than two years old was stumbling along the road at midnight, walking between cars, naked, exhausted and afraid. He was cold, warming his tiny body on the exhaust fumes from taxis. Alana went went to help, _____________________________. But sadly, she came to the stark realization that this child’s horrific reality, was the reality of millions of children across the globe. From that day forward, Alana was determined to surround herself with like-minded individuals and find a way to make a small, yet positive contribution to the lives of these children. 


Alana was then blessed to team up with another Australian by the name of Ada Neilson and together they began to find ways to help the children of Haiti – A region that had captured both of their hearts. 

Alana's humanitarian experience taught her that she could not turn her back on any desperate child and that together with her team, they would work tirelessly to seek medical assistance and a better life for children in need. 


With the generous and professional help of many practitioners, surgeons, logisticians and medical staff along the way, Alana, Ada and their Haitian partner Michel Samuel were able to start For You. 

For You has been able to facilitate dozens of medical procedures, from common dentistry, to prosthetics and major life-saving surgeries for children and adults. Without For You, these medical procedures are out of the financial reach of these families.

Please consider donating directly to our Medical Sponsorship program here. 


Our Sponsor A Child program is at the heart of our program. Keeping our children healthy and cared for year round is our ultimate goal. We provide a small cash donation to each family once a month, along with food including oats, pasta, rice and fruit. The families collect their supplies on the 10th of each month at a central location in Anse-a-Galets. These items are the only supplies that most families receive during the month. They have no other support and this program is the difference between their children going to bed hungry at night or not. 

Please consider donating directly to our Sponsor A Child program here.


Education is the key to Haiti's future. For You, together with our Haitian Partner Michel Samuel and his organisation AAE (Association of friends of the Children of La Gonave Island) aim to provide food to all 60 children attending our school. AAE is an incredible environment to learn. The school is shaded with beautiful trees and in a central location in Anse-a-Galets for children to attend. Our breakfast program Hungry Tummies feeds all school children at 8am each day. For most children this is the only meal they receive each day. Children not only love to come to school to learn and play but know that their day will start off the right way with a full tummy. 

Please consider donating directly to our Hungry Tummies program here.


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