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December 30, 2022


















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Meet Mordinsky!

December 19, 2022
Meet Mordinsky! Modinsky Mombrum is a charming 13 years old boy and is one of the 11 children in our special classroom.  He has Cerebral Palsy and has been part of For You Haiti’s child sponsorship program for the past 5 years.  Mordninsky is non-verbal but has lots of smiles, energy and loves being around people.  He is the oldest of 4 siblings and was always sad to see his brothers and siste…

Madam Ylde-Our Special Needs Teacher

December 19, 2022
Our Special Needs Teacher- Madam Ylde Madam Ylde is a strong and loving teacher and sees the societal benefits of creating an inclusion school on La Gonâve. Madam Ylde and our FYH President Samuel Michel have been an essential part of designing the classroom to meet the specific needs of the students.  She visited with the children in their homes to get to know their likes, dislikes and indivi…

Special Needs Classroom

December 19, 2022
Our Special Needs Classroom With the blessing of a very successful Australian fundraiser in March, we were able to turn one of our first floor classrooms into a disabled accessible room with an attached bathroom! The new classroom is equipped with fans, wired speakers for music and special windows to cut down on the noise for these  precious students.  Our first 11 students are thrilled to hav…

Sustainability Starts With An Education

September 8, 2022
Scholarships Help To Provide Access  Haiti’s school system is dominated by the non-public sector, whether for-profit, faith-based or run by non-governmental organizations.  This means that families must pay tuition to enroll in school and in addition they must purchase uniforms, shoes and books.  FYH’s education program allows an opportunity for families to apply for assistance making an educa…

Medical Miracle Alexandro

September 8, 2022
Immediate Intervention Beautiful baby Alexandro was born on La Gonâve island last year. It became immediately obvious that he had a medical problem and our team flew him and his very young mom by air ambulance to Mirebalais Hospital on the mainland. While at Mirebalais, Alexandro was diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease (causing him extreme difficulty to pass stool) and we discovered he neede…

Samuel Michel- President For You Haiti

September 8, 2022
Samuel Michel Born in 1978, Samuel Michel grew up in a  village of La Gonâve Island, Haiti, called Mare Sucrin. Samuel had access to a primary school education because he was a sponsored child of Compassion International. As a young boy his dream and passion was to help his community. After primary school he moved to the city of Anse-A-Galets, where he continued with his secondary education….

Medical Miracle-Damus

August 4, 2022
    Damus John Wesmayly  Damus was seen by an orthopedic surgeon and it was determined that he would need to have growth plates put on both of his legs. This will straighten his legs as he grows. It’s a less invasive procedure than TSF frames, that some children need to correct the condition. The correction process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on the child’s growt…

Port-au-Prince Team

August 4, 2022
Bourdeau  For You Haiti has three team members living and working in the capital of Haiti and main island, Port-au-Prince. Bourdeau is our Operations Manager and he oversees all of the patients’ travels while on the mainland. He coordinates with the For You Haiti team everyday as well as the hospitals and doctors. He also checks in on the families multiple times a day. His passion for our pati…


August 4, 2022
Challenges in Haiti Haiti has continuously struggled to meet the basic needs of its people. Political instability and gang violence have plagued the main city of Port-au-Prince over the last few years intensifying the struggles for all Haitians. Over one third of the population lacks clean water and two thirds have little or no sanitation. Slightly less than half of the Haitians 15 years old a…


July 8, 2022
This month, through our partnership with Childspring International, we now have the opportunity for a child in our program to receive critical surgery in the United States.  Benaja is a 9-year-old boy living with his family in Ansé-A-Galets and attending For You Haiti’s school.  He was born with a rare abdominal wall defect called Omphalocele.  This is a birth defect where the infant’s intestin…